Sherlock Keyless Door Lock

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  An easy to install keyless door lock from Sherlock. For all you DIY lovers, 20 minutes with a screwdriver is all it takes to install the new Sherlock Door Lock. 

No need to crack open the cylinder, just attach the Sherlock on the key slot, insert your key in the new slot and add the black protective cover for the final touches. 

Set up passcodes for family members and friends for a lifetime or temporary access. They can use the app to gain access to your home. These virtual keys are perfect if you have friends over, tenants or just weekend staying Airbnb guests!

The Sherlock lock can also notify you of all the activities from people coming in and and out the house wherever you may be. This gives you control over who gained access to your house. By setting the APP to Anti-theft mode, the cylinder will jam and the only way to open the door will be through the APP. Adding another layer of protection to your property.