ROBOROCK S6 Robot Vacuum

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    Coming from a long line of successful robot vacuum cleaners, the S6 is the next generation of accurate sweeping partners. With greater cleaning capacities and much clever sensor combinations, 14 to be exact, 6 are used to avoid highly elevated obstacles while the rest guide the S6 to its designated path. Add to that a quieter motor (50% less than the S5), the S6 presents a great opportunity for an investment, a product that can easily outlast its competition.


  • Enhanced sweeping, sucking and mopping capabilities
  • Clever edge optimized cleaning
  • Inconspicuous cleaning (at just 56db of noise level)
  • Designate virtual 'no-go' zones to restrict certain areas from cleaning
  • Up to 3 hours of quite cleaning
  • Supported by the Roborock App
  • Dust bin volume a little under 0.5L
  • Available in White