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Philips Hue Motion Sensor

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  Another great device to add into the Philips Hue ecosystem. The Hue motion sensor is compatible with the Hue hub and more. Sync it with SmartThings or Nest products to automate your house routines. It can be placed anywhere in the house: hallway, bedroom, kitchen or even outside on your porch. Create commands such as 'Turn on porch lights when motion is detected on the front door'.

  • Save energy with the Hue sensor, set program so that if motion is not detected, the lights turn off
  • Daylight sensor: only turns on the lights if needed. By adjusting motion sensitivity, you can plan so that slight light changes are enough to turn on the lights.
  • Projects gentle night with Day & Night settings when triggered. It does so by glowing a low light to help you navigate your house. 
  • Battery Powered, no installation required. Just plug in and your off!
  • Connect with the Hue bridge for more functionalities