KERUI M523 Smart Wireless Doorbell Kit

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  KERUI has understood that when you are a simplistic person, you need a simplistic product. Doorbells can be bulky, sophisticated and hard to install. 

Well what if you can by pass all that and have just your tiny doorbell and your receiver hooked up to an outlet. Presto, you have a doorbell system, easy to set up and easy to use. Check out all the stand out features.

32 Ringtones to choose from 

  The wireless doorbell for home has classic chimes including “rooster crowing” or the more traditional “Ding Dong” and so on.  You have 5 levels of adjustable volume from mute to 120dB, including a choice of no sound with just the LED flashing. Never again miss a visitor because you didn't hear them knocking.

Wide Working Range

  Powerful 1000 feet wireless range that will not interfere with each other when installed at close range, or those doorbell signals from nearby neighbors.

Compatible with alarm sensors & detectors

  Expand your doorbell system with 20 door sensor or transmitters, perfect doorbell for classrooms, businesses, offices. Customize your doorbell according to your needs.