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Honeywell RDWL313A Doorbell

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  Honeywell introduces new technology with the good old door bell. The RDWL313A is a wireless and portable that can be carried around the house, making sure that door bell is heard no matter where you might be. This item is perfect for anybody that still like the old fashioned chiming noise of a door  bell rather than answering the phone when somebody calls to alert they're at the door. Add to it Honeywell's years of experience in the door bell industry and you get yourself an affordable and durable gadget.

  • No tools, no wires, no worries - easy set up. in minutes. Just place and go!
  • Choose from 6 different tunes
  • Sound levels go up to 84db (Same as hearing you phone ring from 3.5 feet away)
  • Works from up to 250 feet away
  • Weather resistant 'Push Button'. Simply add 4 AA batteries.
  • The Honeywell Door Bell can be connected with up to 4 receivers
  • Or get 4 push buttons (receivers) together or bundle with compatible motion sensors to get the best experience