Google Home Mini

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  The Google Home Mini Smart Assistant has everything a Smart Assistant device requires in a small package. The Mini can, on request, search for answers online, set alarms and manage appointments, play music, and fetch news and weather information.

  • Bluetooth support, connect with other smart devices to activate voice command
  • Built in is a 360 degree speaker that has hidden LED status lights to help communicate when the Mini is working or listening
  • If connected to a television, the Mini can be used to play movies and TV shows upon request
  • The Mini can also identify individual voices, so two different people asking what the traffic is like on the way to work, for example, will receive personalized answers
  • Get step by step instructions for cooking recipes, repeating and going back to previous steps on request and it can translate individual words and phrases, convert currency or other units of measurement, do advanced math, and read audiobooks.