GLAS Thermostat

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    JCI GLAS by Johnson Controls Easily manage and monitor your home's temperature with this smart thermostat. Optimize your comfort and savings with the GLAS smart thermostat. It’s bright enough to track your energy, learn your temperature preferences, and even update itself. Adjust the heating and cooling straight from your smart device, and enjoy full voice control with Cortana. Plus, it's easy on the eyes-the sleek design features a simple interface on a translucent OLED touchscreen.


  • Tweak the temperature from anywhere—GLAS easily connects to your smart device.
  • Turn on the AC before you get home, or adjust the heat without getting out of bed.
  • GLAS keeps tabs on the humidity, tVOC, and eCO2 levels inside your home. It even reports the air quality and pollen count outside.
  • Answer a few questions and GLAS creates a seven-day schedule for you, programmed down to the hour.
  •  Set your own, or let GLAS do it for you with an occupancy sensor that can tell when you’re around.

Important Update: Microsoft has removed Cortana as a virtual voice assistant.

In the box

GLAS smart thermostat
Front cover
6.9” x 7.4” backplate
4 screws
4 drywall anchors
4 to 5 wire adapter
Tech specs
Display Samsung Translucent OLED 5.91 in

16:9 aspect ratio with integrated touch controller

Viewing: 90° +/- 30°
Dimensions 5.51 W x x 5.00 x 5 in (140 x 127 x 30 mm)

Weight: 0.5 lbs (0.22 kg)
Processor Qualcomm APQ 8016
Memory 1GB RAM, 8GB flash
Operating system Windows 10 IoT core
Compatibility GLAS works with most 24 volt heating and cooling systems, including: gas, electric, oil, radiant, and forced air. Just remove the faceplate from your current thermostat and confirm you have the following labeled wires:

• Power (C, RH, RC)
• Conventional (2H/2C), (W1, W2, Y1, Y2)
• Heat Pump (4H/2C), (O/B, AUX)
• Fan (G)
• Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Ventilator, HRV, ERV (AUX)


Johnson Controls reinvents the thermostat