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eero Home WiFi Mesh 2nd Gen

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   The day of your wifi being slow, unstable and nonexistent is over. The eero 2nd Gen is a permanent vaccine for your connection troubles. Equipped with an eero Pro and two eero beacons, you can say goodbye to your conservative WIFI extender. Increase your coverage and boost up your internet speed with eero 2nd Gen. A must have if you are running multiple smart devices in the home.

  • Suitable enough to cover 2-4 home rooms
  • Compared to the 1st Gen eero, the 2nd Gen is 2x faster. All the cool capabilities of the original eero are included
  • Simplicity at its best: the eero acts as an access point therefore just plug it in any outlet to extend WIFI coverage and extend reliability
  • Powered by proprietary TrueMesh technology, the eero creates multiple layers of wireless access points to make sure you get the best internet experience
  • A couple of minutes of setup is all that it requires to fix a long standing pain point. Create your whole home WIFI mesh network now and experience powerful internet. Download the eero App to monitor the high functioning speeds.


eero — WiFi so good, you'll never think about WiFi again.