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ECOVACS Deebot 715

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 ECOVACS' new DEEBOT 715 Robot cleaner is the top of the line: With Mopping and Sweeping capabilities, it eases your cleaning burden and provides a never restless roaming robot.

The DEEBOT 715 maintains the a pattern so that no spot is left unclean.

With infra red technology, the DEEBOT 715 recognizes obstacles and avoids bumping into them.

Go to the App store for iOS or Google Play for Android and download 'ECOVACS Home' to take control of your Robotic Cleaner.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT 715 is pet friendly.

Detailed layout of out all the bits and pieces.

Voltage (V): 100-240 V
Power (W): 25 W
Functions: Mopping, Sweeping & Vacuum 
Dust Box Capacity (L): 0.5 L
Model Number: Deebot 715
Dust Storage Type: Dust Box
Remote Control: Yes