Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

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   The smart speaker that put a stamp on all smart speakers, the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen hands-free speaker links with Alexa to give you all the voice activated assistance you need. With seven microphones and beamforming technology, sounds can now be heard more clearly even if it's from a distance. This gives you instant control to the Echo despite loud music playing in the room. 

  • Through Alexa, the Echo 2nd Gen can play music, answer questions, send messages, receive calls or give you info on the latest news, weather forecast and more
  • Syncs with music libraries such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SirusXM, and more
  • Listen to audiobooks through Audible, hear podcasts, radio and more
  • By bundling more Echos, you can place them in different rooms and integrate them so that they either have separate or common plays. Simple ask Alexa 'Alexa, play music in every room'
  • Use Alexa skills to explore more of her functionalities 'Alexa, play sooting animal sounds'
  • Smart learning: Alexa picks up your voice patterns, your routines and  adapts for better comprehension.