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About Us

  HouzHack is an online retail store that is focused on providing simple smart home products. Sourcing from the best smart home product manufactures out there, we have made it our mission to give first time and advanced smart home owners a variety of products ranging from smart light bulbs to intelligent robot vacuum cleaners.    

  The idea was birthed when our founder was getting irritated by the fact that most appliances in the house had to be turned on/off manually. It was also hard to regulate them where most of the settings were a very simplistic High or Low settings. From there, the interest peaked, but most products online were expensive and offered very little for a first time user. HouzHack offers first timers a glance of what smart products do and with that first step into the smart products market, we aim to help you build an ecosystem that makes your life easier.

  We strongly believe that a smart house offers the opportunity to ease your day to day burdens: from switching out your hallway lights, to setting your AC temperature when you leave and even going as far as giving access to your house for your loved ones with our smart video door assistance. Take control of your home!