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  You take the time to pick out your furniture so how about you carefully pick out your smart devices. Be part of the 50+ million people of the smart home community!


Choose the right Smart Home Devices

    The market is full of high-tech smart home devices. Each of them promising great flexibility and offered at great prices. But which ones do we recommend? Read all about it right here!

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Don't get up. Regulate your home temperature anywhere on your phone. 


With these Hue bulbs, the future looks bright. Or dim. Or however you want. 


The wait is finally over, here is the the last remote you will ever buy (Ever!)


Video Intercoms have grown in popularity recently. The Mijia is a great option for a reliable security door bell.


Give dust the boot with this Proscenic robot. Brushes, mops and vacuums while you sit back and relax.


 A smart home needs a powerful wifi network. With eero, hook up as many devices without slowing down your wifi.


Wifi + Smart switches = ambient living. The Teckin is easily programmable to create light routines and save energy.


Don't fight over the thermostat because the Nest knows best. Get smart with your house temperature.


8 hour sleep a myth? Maybe so: integrate the Sleepace sleep monitor in your home and see your body change. 


Customize Your Home

The newest collection of Home Improvement items will add sophistication to your house. Check out Smart Air Purifiers, Digital Alarm Rugs, Magnetic LED lamps, Keyless Drawer Locks and more.

Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack | Houzhack

WYZE Smart Home Starter Pack

Get a clean slate with the the Wyze Starter Pack. Combine smart bulbs, plugs, surveillance camera and a motion sensors to design your perfect first smart home. Start packing right here.

Stop Gas Leaks in their tracks

Some things cannot be detected until they manifest themselves. Carbon Monoxide poising is a real threat. Make sure to protect you and your loved ones with smart smoke detectors. You can't put a price on safety.

Check out these Gas Leak Detectors

It's FAST. It's MEAN. It's the ASUS wireless MACHINE!

   Top of the line, top of its class. The powerful ASUS Lyra router is the ultimate next level. With an integrated mega speaker and a super fast wireless router, the Lyra lets you protect your smart devices and enjoy lightining connectivity.

Moving into a new home?

  You're about to move or you're buying a house. Now you want to know what smart home products you need. Well you're not alone, from  full on integrated home automation devices to the hubless products. Check out the collection.