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   It takes little imagination to realize how our household is changing. The smart home world is no longer intimidating: what was once a sophisticated lifestyle can become the norm now. We offer the opportunity to dive a little deeper, giving you tips, offers and products to get involved in the movement. Check the first device that started it all!                                       

Teckin Switch

Wifi + Smart switches = ambient living. The Teckin is easily programmable to create light routines and saving energy.


Chill, it's warm

Don't fight over the thermostat because the Google Nest knows best. Get smart with your house temperature.


Sleepace Monitor

8 hour sleep a myth? Maybe so: integrate the Sleepace sleep monitor in your home and see your body change. 


ecobee3 Lite

Your house will abide to the number on the screen. No energy is wasted. 72 it reads, then 72 it will be.


Philips Hue Smart Kit

With these Philips Hue Light Bulbs, the future looks bright. Or dim. Or however you want.


The Logitech Harmony

The wait is finally over, here is the the last remote you will ever buy (Ever!)


Thinking of moving into a new home?

  You're about to move or you're buying a house. Now you want to know what smart home products you need. Well you're not alone, from  full on integrated home automation devices to the hubless products. Check out the collection.

How to choose the right Smart Home Devices

    The market is full of promising smart home devices. Each of them promising great flexibility and offered at great prices. But which ones do we recommend? Read all about it right here!

at houzhack, customers come first

Great deal, and lightning fast delivery. Thanks guys!


Dipped my toe in the smart home pool, smart decision!


Bought my Nest from Houzhack, was amazed to see my energy bill go down so much!


Customize Your Home

The newest collection of Home Improvement items will surely tempt you. Check out Smart Air Purifiers, Digital Alarm Rugs, Magnetic LED lamps, Keyless Drawer Locks and more.

Smart devices, where to start...

  Shopping for a smart product is never easy, you don't know where to start and knowing what's compatible with what is a nightmare. We realized there are four aspects to inpsect: Price,Complexity, Flexibility and its problem solving value . To help you out, we have created a collection just for you, entitled First Timers. Check out all the cool gadgets.

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Our Mission

Our goal at Houzhack is to bring one smart home product in every US household by 2030.